Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam


Get Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam from the land of (Venad) Kanyakumari.


Kabasura Kudineer Online

Kabasura kudineer will provide effective remedy for a range of fevers, shivering, cough,nasal congestion, body pain, irritation, diarrhea, watering in eyes, loss of taste etc.,Kabasura kudineer choornam is widely prescribed for prevention of viral fever.Siddha medicine is one of the oldest Indian systems of medicine and commonly practiced in India. Govt. of India recommending Kabasura Kudineer for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus (Covid-19).


Zingiber officinale Rz- சுக்கு
Piper longum Dr.Fr. -திப்பிலி
Syzygium aromaticum St.Bk- இலவங்கம்
Tragia involucrate Rt.- சிறுகளின்கோரிவேர்
Anacyclus pyrethrum Rt.  – அக்கிரகாரம்வேர்
Saussurea lappa Rt. – கோஷ்டம்
Tinospora cordifolia.St –  சீந்தில்தண்டு
Clerodendron serratum Rt -சிறுதெக்கு
Andrographis paniculata Pl. – நிலவேம்பு  சமூலம்
Sidda Accuta – வட்டத்திருப்பி
Cyperus rotundus Rz.-  கோரைகிழங்கு
Hygrophilla auriculata Rt.- முள்ளிவேர்
Terminalia chebula Fr.R – கடுக்காய்தூள்
Justicia AdhatodaLf.  – அடாதோடைஇலை
Coleus amboinicus Lf – கற்பூரவல்லிஇலை


Add 5gm of powder to 200ml water and boil until the water quantity reduces to 60ml. Advised to take before food consumption twice daily. For kids, under 15, boil water until it reduces to 30 ml and take twice daily before food consumption. No other dietary restrictions.

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