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Udangudi Karupatti is known to have various medicinal properties and other health benefits. Palm jaggery considered as organic sugar.


Pure Udangudi Karupatti:

A rich source of iron and several other nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, palm jaggery is not your usual cup of sucrose. It’s a perfect sweetener devoid of any artificial substances and full of natural nutrients.

The process of making jaggery from the plant sources, does not involve any chemical agents and hence all the natural mineral salts are retained in Jaggery. Jaggery is known to have various medicinal properties and other health benefits. Let us have a look…

Jaggery as a Cleansing Agent
Jaggery acts as a cleansing agent for our body and effectively cleans the respiratory tracts, food pipe, lungs, stomach and intestines. It helps the body to get rid of the unwanted particles and thus provides relief from constipation.

Jaggery as a Digestive Aid
Jaggery proves as a great digestive aid and speeds up the process of digestion. Eating a few grams of jaggery after a heavy meal is often recommended for those having problems with normal digestion. In the body, jaggery activates the various digestive enzymes and itself gets converted to acetic acid, thus speeding up digestion.

Jaggery as a Mineral Source
Jaggery is a rich source of many vital minerals that are required by the body for normal growth and functioning. It is considered as a storehouse of various important minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.

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4 reviews for Palm Jaggery – Karupatti – Panai Vellam

  1. Anjali Pillai

    We brought this product for medicine purpose and we are happy with this product.

  2. Muthukumar Nadar

    Finally we got original karupatti from kanniyakumari kadai. surely we will suggest to all my friends.

  3. Suresh Rajan

    Thankyou kanniyakumari kadai, We love your product.

  4. Raja Kumar

    Thanks for sending original palm karupatti to chennai.

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