Marthandam Agmark Natural Honey


Pure Nutrition Organic Honey from the land of (Venad) Kanyakumari.


An aunce of Honey a day keeps the doctor away. Honey is the natural medicine and tonic.

Honey is made up of glucose, fructose, and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphate, sodium chlorine, potassium, magnesium. Below is a typical honey profile, according to BeeSource

  • Fructose: 38.2%
  • Glucose: 31.3%
  • Maltose: 7.1%
  • Sucrose: 1.3%
  • Water: 17.2%
  • Higher sugars: 1.5%
  • Ash: 0.2%
  • Other/undetermined: 3.2%

The slightly acidic pH level of honey (between 3.2 and 4.5) is what helps prevent the growth of bacteria, while its antioxidant constituents cleans up free radicals. The physical properties of honey vary depending on the specific flora that was used to produce it, as well as its water content.

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1 KG, 500 GRAM


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